Coffee Region

The coffee region, or coffee triangle, is located west of Bogotá and south of Medellín. This region consists of three departments: Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío. The capital cities of these departments –Manizales, Pereira and Armenia– all have regional airports with regular flights to and from other major cities in Colombia.

The region is famous for the excellent coffee plantations, the impressive green scenery, the magical Los Nevados National Natural Park, and of course, the authentic small towns, such as Salento, Filandia, Santa Rosa de Cabal and Pijao. Colombia’s coffee cultural landscape is a protected zone and a UNESCO world heritage site. Most of Colombia’s coffee is cultivated and produced here, considered by many the best coffee in the world. While travelling in this area, don’t miss the opportunity to visit a coffee plantation and learn about the cultivation, harvesting and production process at the same time you get to know the culture around the Colombian coffee.

The residents of the coffee region, also known as paisas, are very open and hospitable people. They specialise in manual harvesting the finest arabica coffee beans, famous for their softness and great taste. Among the main factors that contribute to the production of high-quality coffee in this region, is the altitude (1,000-2,000 metres above sea level), the weather conditions and the fertile volcanic soil.

You will be impressed by the traditional fincas with the beautiful gardens and the typical hammocks hanging in the yards. Horseback riding is a common activity that you can try while enjoying the gorgeous landscape. You can also visit the Cocora Valley, famous for the gigantic 70-meters tall palm trees.